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College of Water Resources & Civil Engineering

        In 1958, Department of Agricultural Water Conservancy of Beijing Agricultural Mechanization Institute was established. In 1995, it changed name into College of Water Resources & Civil Engineering (CWRCE) of China Agricultural University.

        Currently, CWRCE has four departments, including Department of Water Resources Engineering, Department of Agricultural Structure & Bio-environmental Engineering, Department of Fluid Machinery & Fluid Engineering, and Department of Civil Engineering. CWRCE has already set up a complementary system for undergraduate, master degree, doctorate degree, and post-doctor cultivations. CWRCE owns one MOA Key Laboratory of Agricultural Engineering in Structure and Environment, one Center for Agricultural Water Research in China, and one Chinese-Israeli International Center for Research & Training in Agriculture.

        CWRCE has 94 faculty members and more than 70% of them have doctorate degree. The research fields of CWRCE cover agricultural water conservation theory and technology, water resource and water environment, soil and water conservation, water pumps and turbines, fluid mechanics, agro-bioenvironment, city and urban planning, rural energy engineering, and civil engineering. The professionals of CWRCE participated in a lot of research and designing work of important national projects, including Three Gorges Project, Water Persion Project, National Stadium, etc.

        CWRCE hosted a series of research projects, including The National Basic R&D Program of China, The National High Technology R&D Program of China, and The National Natural Science Fund. In 2007, the research grants that CWRCE have hosted were 3.23 million US dollars. More than 200 research articles have been published and 100 of them have been indexed by SCI and EI.