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COE comprises many teaching and scientific institutions including four departments (Agricultural Engineering, Vehicles and Transportation Engineering, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, and Mechanical and Electric Engineering), one institution of Agricultural Engineering, one Sino-Japanese Training Center for Agricultural Machines Maintenance, one Mechanical Engineering Training Center, one R&D Center of Agricultural Mechanization as well as one technique Researching Center of Protective Cultivation of MOA and one Researching Center of Modern Agricultural Equipment Engineering MOE.

The College of Engineering owns abundant teaching resources. The teachers of the college approximately amounts to 160 and there is one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 30 Professors and 48 Associate Professors, as well as 6 experts with outstanding contributions in national level and Ministry-level among them. The number of students amounts to over 2300 including more than 400 graduate students of doctor and maste

The College has two first-level discipline stations authorized to confer doctor’s degree and a postdoctoral research station of Agricultural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; the College has authorized to confer doctor's degree in Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, Agricultural Equipment Engineering, Vehicles Engineering, Mechanic Design and Theories and Farm Product Process and Preservation Engineering, to confer master’s degree in Mechanic and Electric Engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automatization, Shipping and Transportation Engineering, and etc, among which Agricultural Mechanization Engineering and Farm Product Process and Preservation Engineering are national key disciplines, and Vehicles Engineering is a Ministry-level key discipline. The discipline of Agricultural Engineering won the first place both in 2003 and 2006 in the Evaluation of The Whole Level of The National First-level Discipline held one in three years. It comprises 8 disciplines with 12 directions under 2 large categories of Agricultural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The Technique of Modern Agricultural Engineering Equipment is the key item in the second period of the 211 project; while Modern Agricultural Engineering and Informationization is one of our school’s eight technological innovation platforms in the second period of the 985 project

The college owns excellent tradition and solid strength of scientific research, persisting in stress of both sides of teaching and researching, doing the work towards the requirements of the economy, undertaking researching and engineering projects, and has obtained abundant achievements. The college owns first authorized invention patent that was also the first in New China since 1949 as well as 3 awards of the National Awards in Advancement of Science and Technology, many provincial/ministerial level awards, harvesting planning award and some special awards in recent years. The college keeps its leading academic role in the field of Agricultural Engineering at home and outstanding positions in the fields of Mechanic Engineering and Vehicles Engineering.

The researches in the college are implemented mainly in the fields of Agricultural Mechanization and Automation, Agricultural Engineering Equipment, Farming and Forage Engineering, Biological Resources Transformation, Farm Product Process and Utility, Unification of Machines and Electricity, Vehicles, Man and Machines Engineering, Measurement and Control technology, the Quality and Safety of Farming Product Engineering, and etc. The College undertakes dozens of important projects of scientific research including the Eleventh Five-year National Program of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation, the 863 National Program, the Programs of International Cooperation, the Foundation of Transformation of the Achievements of Science and Technology, the Agricultural Advancement Program of Science and Technology, as well as many other research programs sponsored by various enterprises and local governments, and plentiful projects in the field of research, design and construction . The college gets grants of values of more than ten million Yuan annually.

The College of Engineering has developed extensive international cooperation and communication. It has constituted cooperative relationships with over 60 famous Universities covering more than 20 countries involving The USA, Germany, Canada, England, Japan, Netherland, Norway, Denmark, Korea, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and etc, and owns several international cooperative projects.