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Qu Zhenyuan Meeting with Israeli Ambassador Matan







QuZhenyuan, Chair of University Council,met withIsraeliAmbassador Matan Vilnai, whocameto the China-Israel International Center for Research and Training in Agriculture at China Agricultural University (CAU) to attend the Signing Ceremony of the Center’s CooperationMemorandum Phase Four in CAU in themorningof 11 December 2012.

On behalf of CAU, Qu Zhenyuan extended warm welcome to AmbassadorMatan for his visit. He saidthatChina and Israel have maintainedfriendlyrelations, and that thetwocountries have establishedclose cooperation in all aspects, especially inagriculture. The Center located in CAU istheonly research center ever established between the University incooperationwith foreign government. Itis also theepitome of China-Israel cooperation.

Matan expressed appreciationforthe support givenbythe Center. He postponed his trip to other cities when helearned that the Cooperation Memorandum has progressedintothe Phase Four for counter-signature.Matansaidthatthe China-Israel cooperation in agricultureisveryimportant. He also wished a smooth development of bilateral cooperationinthe field of agriculturebetweentwocountries.